DWI Information

Behavioral Health Services of LKN will provide you with all the information you need to get through the DWI requirements of the Division of Motor Vehicles. NC State law also requires you complete your DWI Assessment before you are given a Limited Driving Privilege. If you refused the Breathalyzer, you must have both the assessment and treatment completed before you can request a Limited Driving Privilege.
The DWI Assessment is a structured interview to determine whether you have a problem with alcohol or drugs or whether you do not. The DWI Assessment is when the "508 Form" is first generated. The 508 Form is the official form that the DMV will need to verify that you have completed all Driving While Impaired requirements and your license can be restored to you. You will have to have an assessment to get a Limited Driving Privilege during your license 30 day "Civil Revocation" that occurred when you were arrested.

You are required to complete a DWI Assessment before getting a limited driving privilege. A DWI Assessment before trial will give you another Mitigating Factor, possibly lowering the level of punishment. Our Driving While Impaired Assessment & Treatment Program in Mooresville, NC is available evenings and weekends to fit your schedule.

Note: You are free to select any agency in North Carolina that is licensed to provide NC DWI Assessments.  Behavioral Health Services of LKN is fully licensed to provide everything you need.

It is your choice which licensed NC DWI agency does your assessment.